Do you need help getting a neat music notation?

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  You have, for example:
- Old notes that are almost decomposed.
- A score but no printed parts.
- Notes that need to be transposed into another key.
- A monophonic audio recording that you want to print as a
- sheet of music.
  Getting Started
The easiest way is if you are able to scan your music and e-mail it to me as a .Pdf-file.
Otherwise, send me a copy of the notes with ordinary mail.
My address is available by e-mail me.
  Format / Print
You can choose to have the new notes back as:
- A .Pdf-file that you print yourself.
- On a pice of paper that I send with ordinary mail.
- As files: .sib/Sibelius 8 or MusicXML.
  Delivery / Payment
The first page (Letter or A4) is free of charge, so you can see the results and approve it.
Then you pay by agreement.
  Please contact: e-post  


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